The Apparel Shack

When I was 15, I met The Apparel Shack. After long hours of discussing clothes, ink, and prints with The Apparel Shack, we made my first shirt: Texas Doodle. It was inspired by many people and reflected my style at that time. It sold so well that I made a new collection, the XPLOR collection.

The XPLOR Collection

At the beginning of 2016, I had the opportunity to travel to the rain-forest region of Ecuador to visit some of the rural villages to outreach to some of the local kids. I created the XPLOR Collection to raise funds for the trip and was able to fully fund the trip. The XPLOR shirt features some of the mountains of Ecuador and the back has a compass pointing from Houston to Ecuador.

Save The Trees

In late 2017 I released the SAVE THE TREES campaign; A shirt that planted 3 trees for each shirt purchased. I loved being able to give back to the environment and plant trees in National Parks.

The Native Collection

In 2018 I was invited by the Art Academy London to come visit the school, take art classes, and create a short promotional film encouraging other international students to visit. I released the NATIVE Collection to raise funds to make this happen. It was incredible, the Collection sold so well it fully funded me to travel to England and spend almost 4 weeks overseas.

The Yosemite Collection

After traveling to England I road tripped to California and went to Yosemite. Naturally, I had to create a collection inspired by Yosemite.

Save The Turtles

After hearing about the endangered Sea Turtles, I released my Adventure shirt. This campaign raised funds and donated to See Turtles, an organization based in 6 countries that hires local residents to patrol beaches to protect eggs. Y’all helped us donate to save over 500 Sea Turtles!

The Classics Collection

In late 2019 we released the Classics Collection. Featuring our first pair of shorts, a new hat, and sweatshirt. This collection was super fun to produce and helped me save for college.

The Next Big Thing

I’ve now created many collections and items with the Apparel Shack and each one has been bigger and better than the last. I’m excited to produce more art and see where Lucky Stipe goes, thanks for all the love.